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KoalaServers 1.20*
The One-Stop Australian Server!
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KoalaServers Wiki

A comprehensive guide to all things KoalaServers.

Play.koalaservers.net Bedrock Port: 19132

KoalaServers is your One-Stop Australian Server! Featuring multiple servers catering to every player, we offer a chilled economy server, delivering an ever-evolving vanilla+ survival experience. On the flip side, dive into our pure Vanilla survival server for an intimate singleplayer like experience but with your mates. And for the creative souls, our creative server allows you to claim multiple plots, and merge them, all while wielding the power of WorldEdit! Join us for an unmatched gaming experience!

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Getting Started

This is an in-depth guide to help brand new players get established on KoalaServers. It covers mostly basic information about commands and worlds, though could be helpful for established players wanting to learn more about a particular subject.

What game modes are there?

There are two game modes; Survival and Creative.

In Survival, you can claim land, set a home, build your own shop, and create a warp for players to come buy items from your chest shop. The world is very rarely reset. We also have a Resource World that is set to always in day, has no weather and is purely for collecting resources to bring back to Survival which is reset monthly.

In Creative, you can choose from flat-world plots or survival plots, where you can claim your own plot and invite others to build with you.

What are the ranks and how do I get ranks?

There are two categories of ranks: store ranks and vote ranks. You buy store ranks, but you get vote ranks by voting for KoalaServers on websites that it is on, like MinecraftServers.org.

To vote, use the /vote command. Then in the chat, 10 links will appear. Click each of those to open the sites to vote. You can find the vote leaderboard and all links here: KoalaServers Vote

Bedrock players! Make sure to put a period in front of your name so the site knows that you play bedrock!

More in the wiki in Survival Features -> Ranks -> Ranks.

What is the economy?

We use an in-game currency $dollars, you can make money by having a jobs with /jobs. You can also make money with Mcmmo, selling items on the /shop or you can sell items to other players at the Koala Trade Hall! (/warp koalatrade)

What are crate keys?

Crate keys are our way of saying thank you for supporting us! The most common crate keys are vote keys which open the vote crate at /warp vote. Each key has the chance to win certain items for use in game.

General commands you should know?

  • /spawn - Return to the hub
  • /homes - GUI to view your sethomes
  • /sethome - Sets a home from your current position.
  • /home - Teleports you home.
  • /tpa (playername) - Request a teleport to a player.
  • /tpaccept (playername) - Accepts a players teleport request.
  • /msg (playername) - Private message a player.
  • /reply - Reply to private message/s.
  • /mute (playername) - Mute player/s or chat.
  • /afk - Sets you as Away From Keyboard.
  • /ping - Check ping, also in Tab menu
  • /money /balance - Check your cash balance.
  • /pay (playername) (amounts) &f- Pay a player.
  • /warnings - Check your warnings.
  • /seen (playername) - Check when a player was last online.
  • /vote - Help support the network.

Claiming Land and protecting stuff.

We use the golden shovel to protect builds. Simple left click each corner of your build /kit claim for a replacement shovel.

Auction House.

Access the auction house with /ah and feel free to sell or buy items with other players.

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KoalaServers Rules/Guidelines:


KoalaServers is a community for all ages; while that includes mature groups of players, it also includes younger players! Therefore, the deal is simple - be nice to everyone, and try not to do anything that you may not want a little kid to see!

This guideline is to provide players with the appropriate information for playing. We will only punish players with sufficient evidence from logs, screenshots, or videos. Avoid making assumptions, only act on hard evidence. Report issues: If you encounter rule violations or any problems on the server, report them to the server staff rather than taking matters into your own hands.


The Official Guidelines for Players/Users/Members!

Last Updated: 19th May 2024.


1. Use Common Sense:

Anything that harms the community, players, server economy, or server as a whole and is not meant to be a normal feature of Minecraft or KoalaServers is subject to punishment, even if it is not laid out specifically in the rules.


2. No Cheating, Hacking or Exploiting Bugs:

Any player who finds a way around the system to gain an advantage is considered a cheater.

Any player who modifies their client or uses a program to give them an advantage is a hacker.

All modifications/programs besides the following are prohibited:

  • Minimaps / Waypoints
  • Lighting modifications (Shaders, brightness)
  • Optifine (Any FPS boosting mod)
  • Shulker Peek
  • Crafting Recipe Mods
  • Schematica / Litematica (No AutoBuild)
  • REI/NEI/JEI (A menu that shows you how to craft an item)
  • Itemscroller (Link) (Note: Anticheat might still kick you for using this mod, just reconnect and ignore it.)
  • Appleskin (Link)

Auto-Clickers are not allowed.

Any player who knowingly exploits a bug is an exploiter.

Example: Item duplication or abusing an error caused by staff.

If you discover a bug, make a ticket and report it.

Hiding the bug, abusing it, or telling other players will raise your ban length.

Chunk loaders are not permitted. This counts as cheating.


3. Bypassing Ban / Mute / Filter:

Players may not bypass a ban or mute by any method, including using alternate accounts.

Players may not intentionally try to get around the chat filter.

If you’re caught bypassing any punishment with an alt or any other method the punishment duration will be extended.


4. No Disrespect / Harassment / Trolling / Toxicity / Racism / Questionable Terms:

Be polite and respectful to others regardless of the situation.

Report a player or /ignore them if you feel that you have engaged in a toxic conversation with them.

Repeated violations of toxicity that negatively affect the community will result in punishment.

Bothering a player repeatedly is considered harassment.

If a player asks you to leave their land, leave the area entirely.

If a player asks you to stop messaging, then stop.

If the public chat becomes too heated over a topic, then a staff member reserves the right to break it up and mute players. Refusal to follow staff instructions in a situation like this will result in punishment.

Treating someone poorly based on race falls under the racism rule, and all players will be punished accordingly. Racism is defined as prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's race is superior.

 Any variation of socially questionable terms will not be tolerated:

  • This includes any variation of the N-word, regardless of context.
  • This includes any other racist, sexist, or homophobic terms.
  • This includes terms in English as well as other languages.

Impersonating staff members is not allowed.

Absolutely no political discussions are allowed in public server chat. Any discussion of political views or beliefs must occur in /msg.

Do not discuss sensitive issues (abortion, religion, etc.) in public chat. Please keep it in /msg.


 5. No Spamming / Advertising:

 Spamming includes but is not limited to:

  • Excessive Caps/Characters/Chat Messages/Links.
  • Excessive use of advertisements.
  • Excessive use of non-ASCII characters.  (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻
  • Excessive use of coloured text.
  • Encouraging Spam (i.e. "guess a number, month, day" in general chat)

Staff will use their best judgment to determine what is considered spam.

Do not advertise other servers or discords that are not a part of KoalaServers.


6. Always keep the chat in English:

Chatting in your own language is only allowed in /msg

Do not engage when you see people talking in your (none-English) language.


7. No Excessive Derogatory Swearing:

Players can swear to express themselves, not to insult/attack others.

Allowed: “Fuck I died from a creeper.”

Not Allowed: “Fuck you, asshole.”

KoalaServers is family-friendly, so most swearing will be censored regardless.

Staff members will determine when swearing becomes excessive and/or unnecessary.


8. No Scamming:

Scamming is falsely promising one thing and then doing another. The following are examples of scamming:

  • Modifying items to appear as if they are still in their original state when they are not.
  • Renaming items in your shop and pretending it is something else (ex: naming tripwire hook “Gold Key” and selling it)
  • Putting an enchanted item through a grindstone and then selling it as if it was the original item.
  • Tricking players to gain profit.

KoalaServers is not responsible and does not condone any transactions between players that involve real life moneys.


9. No PVP’ing Unless Agreed Upon:

Do not PVP unless both parties agree. This includes using in game items/mechanics/mobs to purposely harm players.

When someone bothers you, this does not give you the right to kill them.

PvP is disabled by default, but that doesn’t mean that you can PvP anyone that has it enabled.


10. No Teleport Trapping / PvP Bypass:

Portal trapping is prohibited. All Nether portals must not be blocked off with doors or blocks.

Attempting to kill a player through any means that has PvP disabled, is not allowed whatsoever.

Making any sort of trap that would lead to a player's death, is against the rules, and will be considered a malicious act.


11. No Death Threats / Malicious Threats / Encouraging Suicide:

Malicious threats include DDOS attacks / Leaking another person’s information.

Threatening to kill a person in real life is considered a death threat.

Telling players to commit suicide, encouraging them, or jokingly saying “kys” is not allowed.


12. Griefing / Stealing:

Do not destroy anything that is not yours.

Do not steal from chests that are not yours.

Do not steal someone else's map art.

Do not claim other peoples map art to be yours.

Defacing or destroying the natural appearance of land within 48 blocks of a land claim is prohibited.

Building within 64 blocks of a claimed land is not allowed. (Unless agreed upon by both parties).

Use common sense. If the builder/land owner doesn’t want something to be there, it is most likely considered griefing.

The land owner is always responsible to claim their land, but if for some reason it’s not claimed, but very obviously a “claimed land”, we will help restore and roll back any grief that happens or items stolen.


13. Do Not Abuse Claims:

This rule applies to all members of a claim.

This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Kicking active players out without letting them retrieve their items.
  • Kicking active players out after they store their items to steal them.
  • Stealing items from other players' claims.
  • Griefing claims or surrounding territory.


14. Alternative Accounts:

Using alternate accounts to AFK farms is not allowed.

Using alternate accounts to break server rule(s).

Using an alternate account to abuse our reward system is prohibited, such as:

  • Voting on them to give the keys/tokens to your main account. (We love the enthusiasm!).
  • Being logged on to receive global rewards, such as when a community goal is hit, emerald parties, XP parties, etc.


15. No Inappropriate Skin/Username/Inappropriate Builds:

This is a family-friendly server, we have no tolerance for anything that could be offensive to other players. A breakdown of examples is displayed below, but this is up to the discretion of staff.

  • Skins: Nudity, Racism, Nazi Skins, or any other representations of violence.
  • Usernames: Swear words, NSFW terms, or anything with racist intent.
  • Builds: Swastikas, phallic structures, anything politically sensitive, or swear words.
  • Item Names: Orphan jokes, politically sensitive topics, swear words, or NSFW/vulgar terms.

This can include things beyond the examples provided, it is up to the community and staff to recognise and resolve any sort of inappropriate nature being displayed within KoalaServers.

15A. Builds Limits:

Staff may monitor and request design changes to your redstone builds/farms or villager trading halls. All redstone builds must have an on/off switch. Bypassing AFK is not allowed, and players may be kicked at any time during AFK.



Punishments are based on the situation and are subject to change based on the severity of the offense. To protect the family friendly community, you may be banned immediately without warning.

  • Warnings: After receiving three warnings, you will be permanently banned.
  • Temporary Ban: Duration may vary based on the severity and frequency of the infractions.
  • Permanent Ban: Given after severe repeated offenses or immediately for extremely serious violations.
  • Staff Discretion: Admins and moderators have the discretion to skip steps or issue more severe punishments for particularly egregious behaviour.

Infraction: First Offense: Second Offense: Third Offense: Fourth Offense:
Griefing Warning + Rollback of damage Temporary ban (1 day) Temporary ban (3 days) Permanent ban
Stealing Warning + Return items Temporary ban (1 day) Temporary ban (3 days) Permanent ban
Harassment/Bullying Warning Temporary ban (1 day) Temporary ban (1 week) Permanent ban
Hacking/Cheating Temporary ban (1 day) Temporary ban (1 week) Permanent ban N/A
Spamming Warning Temporary mute (1 hour) Temporary ban (1 day) Permanent ban
Inappropriate Language Warning Temporary mute (1 hour) Temporary ban (1 day) Permanent ban
Advertising Warning Temporary ban (1 day) Temporary ban (1 week) Permanent ban
Exploiting Bugs/Glitches Warning + Fix exploitation Temporary ban (1 day) Temporary ban (1 week) Permanent ban
Impersonation Warning Temporary ban (1 day) Temporary ban (1 week) Permanent ban


Every player has the right to appeal their punishment if they provide sufficient evidence that they did not break any rules. Appealing can be done through the Punishment Appeal.

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